When a student reaches the high school grade, we register our student to Lighthouse Christian Academy(LCA), the official distance-learning provider for A.C.E. ministries.  LCA has received full accreditation.  {Middle States Association commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) Accreditation International (AI)}   A HIS student receives a high school diploma upon students’ completion of high school required credits.  When a student wishes to go to Japanese colleges or universities, The student needs to pass The National High School Proficiency Test and will be qualified to take an national entrance examination. 


High school courses

Honor course 27 credits

College preparatory 25 credits

General 22 credits

Vocational 22 credits



Math. (3 credits) Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, College math.

English (4 credits) English I (grammar)  English II (grammar)  English III (American Literature)  English IV (British Literature)

Science (2-4 credits) Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics

Social Studies (3-4 credits) Geography, World History, American History, Economics,



Foreign languages (2 credits)     

P.E. (2 credits)               

Computer Science (1 credit)     

Bible (2 credits)               

Electives (4-8 credits)

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