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 “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness”

(Matt. 6:33) 

Hakata International School

Principal's letter


Welcome to Hakata International School's home page We welcome you

There is a scripture in the Bible saying, "Even if a person gains the whole world, what will it become useful if you lose your soul?"
At our school, we teach that the value of our soul, life is very precious in the teachings of the Bible.
Likewise, I will teach you to cherish the lives of neighbors.
We will raise children to live and study without losing the most important things in everyday life.
By doing this we aim to bring true wisdom and grow up as one who brings impact on the world with its wisdom and knowledge.

Our school provides a bilingual environment in English and Japanese, and between schools we are accredited as a quality school of A.C.E (Accelerate Christ Education) which is an American Christian educational institution.
The course after graduating from high school is in correspondence that can proceed either in English-speaking countries, in Japanese-speaking countries, or by any educational institution.

Those who want to receive education based on Christian teaching
Besides the current education of children, those who are seeking alternative choices.
A missionary from overseas as well as a family member.
Those who want to be educated in English in Japan.
Those who wish to raise children with our school.

If you are interested, we recommend you to visit our school
church school

Principal Hamilton Naomi

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